Don't get me wrong. This website is a great idea and I have items on sale on the site.

But when purchasing a jacket I found out that the seller was from China and bought the jacket from a manufacturing company. That meant that it would take over 20 days for me to recieve it. I kept trying to cancel the $70 order but they told me I had to wait until the 10 days were up. I don't like how this company doesn't allow you to cancel an order.

As long as the item hasn't been shipped you should be able to cancel. Also if you order something and it somehow goes to the wrong place they do not have a policy for this. I was told its "case by case". I told them I will no longer butt from them because who wants to wait two weeks for a non custom item.

There are good sellers out there who send your shipment fast but there's others who don't check their emails or forgot their even selling items. Be aware.

Review about: Tradesy Website.

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