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I received a luxury bag as a gift- or so I thought. Because I had no need for this luxury item, I decided to sell it on Tradesy. It got sold right away and I immediately shipped to the buyer.

I soon learned that the buyer requested a return due to question of authenticity. But then the next day buyer told me that Tradesy verified authenticity and that she had asked for the bag back.

About two weeks later the person who gave me the bag told me that the bag was a high end replica. I had mistakenly assumed that the bag was authentic because she was known for buying strictly authentic items.

I panicked and immediately emailed Tradesy. But the sale was made weeks ago and instead of receiving any response from them, they suspended my account, thus keeping me from informing the buyer that the bag was a replica.

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Long Beach, California, United States #1012401

No, they suspended your account for selling counterfeit merchandise on their site. A big NoNo on any site that sells luxury brands.

Next time ask before you sell. Take responsibility for your negligence.

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