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Tradesy is not associated with PayPal. Tradesy does not take payments for PayPal and thank God they don't.

Tradesy transfers money directly to your bank.

Please remove that from your description. That's not accurate.Thanks

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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Not true. To sum up the extremely long post, you choose where to 'manage your payouts'.

If you pick Paypal, it's usually there the next business day. Bank accounts take 2 or 3 days.

I was a member of 2 different banks in 2 different cities, and they both took longer to show the deposit. PP is quicker for some reason, probably cuz they have a closer relationship.


I just read what you said about paypal, and I use mine to pay for all my items I have bought


NOT TRUE! My payments from selling items are ALWAYS put into my Paypal account!

It is Paypal that takes 3 to 5 days to put it into your bank account (and they charge a fee for doing so....). I wish they would show what the buyer is paying for shippping (instead of saying shipping is free) as it makes the seller look like they are selling it for too much money--my complaint about Tradesy.

to Anonymous #1092809

First, Tradesy does accept PayPal for payments from buyers, but they are not associated with them they use them in the same way Amazon does. I have been selling on Tradesy for over 3 years with hundreds of sales and this is what I encounter when I want to TRANSFER my funds.

After clicking on 'manage payouts' under 'my account' I am directed to a screen where I click on the 'withdraw' button. Immediately a box pops up giving me 3 options to choose from: 1) Bank Account Option-I was told this is a transfer via ACH (the federal government's Automated Clearing House system) DIRECTLY to my bank account and would be handled by Stripe, a company Tradesy contracted in 2015 to do this. I researched this new option thoroughly as I did not like giving them my SSN which Tradesy was now requiring for tax reporting purposes and to become a 'verified seller'. Of course to use Stripe you must tell them, via Tradesy, your bank account number and the bank's routing number.

I have had NO problems with this method and have used it several times or 2) to my PayPal account; once it arrives I immediately have them transfer it to my bank account. PayPal does not charge me an additional 2.9% to put this in my personal bank account. Tradesy charges the 2.9% before the transfer is made or 3) have the money placed on a direct debit card. I have only used options 1 and 2 both without issue.

You are absolutely right and it infuriates me as well that Tradesy says the shipping is free both ways.

How is that possible, they calculate a PRICE on the listing page and that price is NOT $0.00, so where does the free come in ?? Therefore, I don't think of it as a buyer cost it is really a cost to me. Clearly, there is an expense to ship an item and someone must pay it. It is unreasonable to think that Tradesy should pay to ship everything as there is no way they would make enough to keep this type of business model working, 9% just wouldn't do it especially since they keep most returned items.

In those cases they lose the 9% commission from the sale but they still must pay the seller, so they are out that money until they resell the item and they hardly ever get what the original seller sold it for, so a net negative. Look at their inventory of returned items they are trying to resell it is huge. Plus they have real overhead, salaries, office space, advertising etc. they must account for.

And no other site like this offers free shipping or if they do, like Tradesy it is embedded in the overall cost. So the choice becomes the sellers. After 3 years of selling I pick and choose whether 'I buy' the shipping from Tradesy or buy the postage from USPS myself, those are the options at the bottom of the listing page. I don't use Tradesy very much for shipping as their costs are ridiculously high on the kind of items I sell.

For a $120.00 necklace if I choose Tradesy to send me the 'free shipping kit' they would add $14.50 to my price or I can opt to buy the postage myself which would cost me $5.25 for USPS 2 Day Priority. So I rather add $5.25 to my price instead of Tradesy adding $14.50. I just add that to my price and avoid the box where you enter a shipping amount. Of course Tradesy wants me to order the kit because in this instance they will make money as it will only cost them $5.25, at most, to supply me the pre-paid label, so where does the other $9.25 , $14.50-$5.25, go..straight into Tradesy's pocket.

If Tradesy showed the shipping cost on the listing screen my shipping would show as zero but if I opted for Tradesy's kit a $14.50 price would show and the buyer would think I was greedy to charge $14.50 to ship a 6 ounce package. I have to tell you that 2 years ago we were not allowed to buy our own postage and the buyers were furious at the prices sellers were charging for their items and for good reason. Back then we had no choice Tradesy added $14.50 to my price arbitrarily, like I said they kept it and only used $5.25 to ship. Many sellers complained and complained to Tradesy and they finally let us choose.

However, I do use Tradesy for certain items and when I do it is because they price is sometimes to good to be true. My real complaint about Tradesy is their lack of knowledgeable and professional customer service reps.

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