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Tradesy is the worst user experience I have ever encountered. There is no seller or buyer protection.

There is so much fraud and misrepresentation. I would have to email daily just to get issues resolved.

Terrible customer service. Would not recommend to anyone!

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Newport Beach, California, United States #968226

I agree. My first (and only) sale was returned by a buyer who stated item, which was brand new and in pristine condition when I sent it, was damaged and Tradsey agrees and is sending the item back.

I can only imagine what I going to receive. I have been selling on Vaunte and Shop Hers for months with no such issues, or any of other kinds for that matter, since they prescreen all items before sending them to the buyer. Sellers have no protection from scamming buyers and from the reviews it seems the management at Tradsey doesn't have a good track record of authenticating items. They might have a better record if they authenticated before sending to buyer.

I should have thought about the process before I sold, but was lured by a slightly less commission price. Warning to sellers, better to pay the higher commissions than take risk of being scammed with no protection, either by less than reputable buyers or by the company's own lack of knowledge.

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