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This happened to me I recently purchased something from mother of the bride not only did she short me two of the items but she also left the packing slip in the box that said I messaged her about the missing items but she would not respond to my messages I then messaged tradesy directly and they told me to email the buyer directly I have gotten no where and have had to order the two missing items directly from save on crafts. I tried to get a refund through tradesy since the items were double the price I could find them elsewhere but they refused it is a shame she feels the need to overcharge brides then claim she is doing everyone a favor what a joke!

By he way her billing address was on their her name is Kim and she lives in sealy Texas.... Not too far from where I live

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you have now left like 10 of these reviews on here slandering this poor persons site, and in every review you change your story! You sound like a bitter person who has way too much time on your hands!

In one of your "reviews" you mention tradesy banned your account, clearly you are envious of this person you continue bashing on here! It doesnt take a rocket scientist to see ALL of these reviews left about mother of the bride are from the same person...YOU! All you are doing is making yourself look foolish by leaving review after review and changing your "story" every single time. Where is your proof of all this?

If this really happened tradesy would have helped you, not banned you! Please do us all a favor and seek the professional help you so desperately need and find something more productive to do then leaving these made up reviews all over thia site!

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