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I recently sold a Ralph Lauren genuine leather jacket. I was very excited because it is the first item I sold on this site after listing it four months ago. I did not get very much for it but it's ok since I won't be wearing it anymore. Tradesy sent me a shipping kit but it is just a cheap plastic bag and it was too small for the bulky jacket.

I emailed them asking for a replacement shipping kit, a larger bag with prepaid postage. Then I get an email saying I should use my own shipping materials and print out the prepaid label and ship the item. What? I pay them an administrative fee and I do the work?

I'm cancelling the sale as I will actually lose money if I follow through with what they tell me to do. I will remove my listings and cancel my account with them.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

I didn't like: Poor communication, Thecomplaintsabouttradesyongoogle.

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The post office gives free boxes .....

California, United States #1091461

Yes, please cancel your account - help keep bad sellers off the site!!

You obviously didn't choose the correct size packaging when you listed the item.

Your customer was charged a lower shipping cost because you chose the incorrect packaging size.

It should be your responsibility to make up the shipping cost difference --- your mistake.

It's just good customer service.

No whinny babies that don't "do their homework" please!!

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