Tradesy has become lack in sending shipping kits to seller. It has resulted in two sales being canceled for me.

USPS has refused to accept envelopes saying they are outdated and they can't ship the items in the envelopes that are provided by Tradesy on several other occasions. Not happy with company shipping process. One envelope arrived at my home after 10 days torn and shredded so once again had to request another. Next morning received email saying the sale was canceled.

I'm more than sure the buyer got tired of waiting..can't blame them. USPS claims its Tradesy fault they can't ship item in envelope provided, but with all the incompetence there who really knows

Reason of review: Problem with delivery.

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I have been going back and forth with the idea of selling on Tradsey. After reading all these reviews this makes me extremely leary.

This website sounds the same way that eCrater was when it first started out.

It had a very bad reputation for all kind of scams. Over the years things have change and become much better where more people are joining.


Franny, I don't think you are giving the full picture to this seller. There is an IMPORTANT caveat you left out of your comment.......If a seller opts to pay for postage, I believe that is what you are suggesting, Tradesy will take its 9% commission plus charge 2.9%, if you withdraw the funds, of the amount you charge for shipping.

On-line USPS charges $11.30 to send a medium size flat rate box (more if you buy it at the post office). Tradesy will take 11.90% of this amount or $1.35. If you sell a lot this adds up real quick. Additionally you must pay for the packing tape, tissue (if want want to wrap your item), paper to generate the label, and scotch tape to affix the label to the package, again if you sell a lot these costs add up.

In this case if the seller's business gets a bad reputation, it is because TRADESY DID NOT perform, not because the seller did not "take matters into her own hands." This seller relied on Tradesy to fulfill its responsibility. Finally, in my opinion Tradesy's "Shipping Kit", a pre-addressed poly bag, is a joke. It doesn't matter what you sell, that is all they send.

So if you want to guarantee your item gets to its destination intact you must supply and pay for the necessary materials. I think it is great you wanted to help this seller, I just thought it was important to add to your response, no offense.

Port Jefferson, New York, United States #930431

Allow me to make a suggestion that will help you , that is if you want to sell on Tradsey. Your happy with the higher payout correct?

No fees?

Suggestion go on USPS open up an account. Now you have successfully are in control to your own destiny. They will pay for what ever size boxes you want to ship your item in, the label comes through the computer and than you ship. It is that easy.

Happy successful New Year. Take control of your other options don't let your business get a bad reputation. Sometime you have to take matters into your own hands. I am sorry you didn't know about that option your fellow seller.

I hope you don't give up. Bless you.

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