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I sold a pair of authentic high end designer shoes. The buyer failed to look even at the images and claimed that the color was misrepresented.

It were juicy pink color patent leather pumps, new! The shoes from 2-3 past seasons and it's hardly to find the same color anywhere else. The buyer returned the shoes, meanwhile ignored my message where I kindly asked her for the reason if return. Next day I received an email from Melissa, please remember this name, where she stated that the return was due to a different reason but the team of our unprofessional experts had fount these shoes to be not authentic!

It made me laugh since the shoes we're from a reputable retailer. I tried to contact this person again sending her 4 emails with all the information proving the purchase of the shoes. Everything left ignored! I am going to contact the owner in regards how her company handles business in a manner without any professionalism not only in a field of customer service but also zero competence in expertise of high end clothing.

I d suggest stay away from this business for buyers and sellers since any your sold or purchased high end items could be claimed falsely counterfeit or authentic even though it would be opposite. I am escalating this matter involving legal help and the owner of this company.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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I was selling on Tradesy, garnered over $20,000+ in sales and only 1 return. All of a sudden, the Tradesy trust team tells me I can no longer sell my items as they deemed them to be "replicas".

I was ready to provide all the authenticity paperwork as I stand by everything I sell but they wouldn't even respond, not one word. They simply closed my store with no way for me to refute their authenticity claims. So unprofessional. At least eBay gives you an opportunity to refute any claims but not Tradesy - shame on them for treating legit sellers the way they do.

My final advice, do not do business with them, not worth the grief and the unprofessional way of running a business. Their "authentication team" are not qualified at all, a complete joke.


I agree with everything you said and I warn EVERYONE not to sell high end items on Tradesy as they currently have no one who can "really" authenticate an item, so buyers and sellers have no recourse or even a chance to present their evidence. Many buyers change their minds after the 4 days allow to return so the only way they can return the item is to say it is fake or misrepresented, this allows them to get a refund, not a credit.

And Tradesy 99% of the time will agree with the buyer. If you look through the posts here you will find one where Tradesy told the seller that an LV rep came and authenticated the item ! That is utter NONSENSE, why would LV help Tradesy sell their bags or train their staff? On the flip side there are sellers who sell fakes and the buyer may never know what they are getting.

I have heard that on occasion Tradesy will tell you a reason why the item is returned, but if you ask the buyer that may NOT be the reason they gave. Personally I think in certain cases Tradesy doesn't want to handle reselling or paying the buyer for that item, usually a high priced item so they invent a reason that will allow them to return it to the seller, saving their $$. I have dealt with Melissa many times, she is an inexperienced and often times rude customer service rep, she just passes on the messages, she makes no determination itself...unless God forbid she is now an "authenticator". On every email they send there is a link to rate the response you receive, I always use it unfortunately I have yet to give a positive review.

Good luck trying to contact Tracy Dinunzio the founder, I have sent letters and left voicemail messages as have many others have. I heard of only 1 instance that she was actually reached, and I have no idea if that was true. Let us know if you do get a response from her. I have been selling on Tradesy for over 2 years but I no longer sell high end items, I never had return issues but I found too many sellers who did so I stopped.

I continue to sell MK, kate spade, Coach etc. without any problems whatsoever and I have found this to be the best site for ME to sell on.

My big gripe is that their customer service is abysmal, I don't think they understand the word "service". Luckily I rarely deal with them, but if I had to deal with them weekly it would be very difficult to continue selling here.

East Brunswick, New Jersey, United States #1042649

I know they SUCK. Their policy is wishy washy and their trust team (that's what they call) Brandon does not know how to authenticate.

They will approve a sale of replicas again I said replicas for a while then all of a sudden just closes your account as they said it is a replica. Duh you ignorant you just approve the sale.

to jas #1042825

Did this Brandon have an initial after his name? Because if this is the one I know I want to provide you with my experience, mostly positive,his background at Tradesy and why I can't believe he would now be an authenticator. I am saying this because, if it is the same Brandon, he has been with Tradesy from the very beginning and his experience on the designing and with the programming teams make him over qualified for this "authenticator" role and definitely not in his skill set, but it seems no one at Tradesy has a skill set to do it anyway.

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