I am a seller and someone wanted to buy my shoes, i requested a shipping package thinking it would be a "box" since most of the people on tradesy are selling "clothes". The package arrived 5 days later and it shocked me..

the package is a bag!... For anyone choosing "free shipping package", I just wanted to let you know it's a bag, its the size of a plastic bag that you will get from the grocery store.. how can u sell a coat in those small things?.. smh..

Tradesy please change your packaging to "boxes", at least cause i had to stuff my shoes in the package, basically damaging them when they had no marks or anything on them before. the bag started tearing....You could've warned people that they would be bags..

I tell the truth on my items in the description, If the item is damaged, I always tell where the marks are but this can mess up someones business on tradesy and make my buyer think i'm a liar... I highly doubt i can fit a coat in the large bag smh...

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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San Antonio, Texas, United States #955717

I have sold 6 items on tradsey.com so far. Overall,it worked out ok.

However,I do have a problem with their shipping kits. They are just pre-labled plastic bags. Boxes would be better and much sturdier! One of the kits took so long to arrive,that I shipped the item myself.

All of the items I shipped were authentic.but I wonder about the quality of some of the items,tradsey allows to be sold. I haven't bought any items on tradsey,and after reading some of these reviews, i probably won't.


I sell on Tradesy and always choose to "ship my own"...that way you choose the shipping price and can send in your own materials (priority boxes through USPS are free!). Just a thought.

to Anonymous #949743

I am a seller as well and I have complained for over a year about their shipping kit. In the past they also sent 1 piece of tissue paper with the plastic bag, now they don't even do that.

Just know if you choose to ship it on your own Tradesy will take its 9% COMMISSION and if you withdraw the funds ANOTHER 2.9% on anything you charge for shipping.

So you need to charge an extra 11.9% if you want to break even on shipping, not including any other shipping expenses i.e. tape, paper to print the label etc.

to Anonymous #949822

It's still (even with shipping) far less than any other site!! Posh, etc charge upwards of 30% with shipping included yet you still have to use own box.

I sell high end items and making sure they get there fast & packaged nicely (with secure payouts) is more important to me than nickel and diming over a few dollars or losing customers to waiting on poor shipping.

It's still cheaper than any other site which allows me to price better!

to Anonymous Sarasota, Florida, United States #949988

All you have to do is factor in a straight 12% COMMISSION and whatever shipping cost it'll cost you to sell on Tradesy. At least you can list an item or remove it anytime without penalties unlike eBay.

Less drama here on Tradesy than on eBay as I was a powerseller there.

I'd rather sell and buy on Tradesy anytime over elsewhere. Just my 2 cents worth........

to Jackie #1119340

I'm in the process of ending my relationship with ebay as it has always been one sided, I will be closing my store at month's end (tomorrow) that I've ran like butter with nary a negative feedback for 5 years. They take and take no matter how much you give and how perfect a seller you try to be, one peep out of a buyer and BAM!!!!

they *** you like the poisonous snake they are. Now they are holding funds from your paypal account even if it is an amicable return with no case open. I have to break up with them, it may be familiar but I can't take the cheating and then them trying to blame it on me anymore. I have started listing my items on tradesy so we will see how it goes, I hope it is lucrative because it is a much better system than ebay.

I will be using my own shipping though because $8.50 to ship a 4 oz item is a bit much.

I'll add up the item price plus original shipping then add 12% of that to get my sell price. Fingers crossed!

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