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They ripped me off! My sale just disappeared from their records after they sent me the shipping materials and I shipped my designer piece to the buyer. I just dont trust them.

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Did you keep a copy of the tracking number? Did the buyer receive the item?

If so, ask her what day she received and if it was sent 2 or 3 day priority mail, that way you can backtrack to the day you shipped and compare it with the cancellation date. If Tradesy did NOT notify you BEFORE you shipped they must pay you or at least that is what they have told me. When you confirm a sale they automatically send the kit. They can cancel any time BEFORE you ship.

The tracking number will substantiate the day you shipped and if they notified you AFTER that day they are on the hook to pay you. I have had this happen to me MANY times, but they have always contacted me before I shipped. But 1 time I was literally going out the door, on the way to the Post Office, but decided to check my sales 1 more time and saw that it was cancelled. I emailed them and was told that if I had shipped it I would be paid.

However, unlike what happened to you, the sale is still listed under my sales but it has a cancellation date and cancellation reason, they always put "Buyer Requested" even when there is a fraudulent use of a credit card. So it is extremely strange that it has vanished from your sales list, I would seriously pursue that fact. Since you said this was a "designer" item and if it was 1000's of dollars I bet they are trying to avoid paying you and having to sell it themselves so that is the reason for deleting the entire sale from your records. Not that they are helpful but I would call, don't get upset with the customer service rep, (I know you want to :) )try to get them to tell you the sale date and the cancellation date by saying you wanted to update and verify your records.

Hopefully you will get of their many untrained reps who will give you this info. Along with that info and the USPS ship date (date received by buyer) you will have enough to put them in the position of paying you. Additionally if you can't them to do it, I would tell them that you will contact the Better Business Bureau and the California Department of Consumer affairs if they don't pay. Sometimes the threat of this will make them do the right thing.

Anyway I hope some of this helped, but don't give up easily that is what they want and you will have to really keep on them. Perhaps send a certified letter so you know who signed it.

Mail to :Nancy DeNunzio the co-founder and face of Tradesy, also post your experience on their Facebook page and make a screen print immediately because they will erase as soon as they can. Please let us know what happens.

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