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Within one day of selling my Louie Vuitton clutch i mailed it out priority to the buyer. Buyer was very satisfied.

Was told buyer must confirm she received it before my funds would move out escrow. #1 Lie i was told! Funds finally moved so i could transfer to my debit card, where it clearly states that it could take "1-2 days depending on my bank hold", but now im being told 3 days! Lie #2.

Did a Live Chat & was told funds were transferred. Called bank. No transfer. Lie#3.

Called customer service & was told the guy who does transfers would be in the offive in 15 min & she would get it expedited. Called bank in an hpur and no funds!! Lie#4. Called back to customer service,diff girl, & she ask orihinal girl about what she said & she back tracked!!

Lie#5. LIERS LIERS LIERS I have now called my family lawyer bc this is all worrisome and i am tired of getting the run-around & lied to!!!

I am the spouse of a military man & had to sell my clutch bc of personal reasons!! WILL MAKE CERTAIN I POST MY EXPERIENCE ON EVERY SITE I USE SO THIS DOESNT HAPPEN TO OTHERS

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

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Not sure how you requested to be paid but I've sold on Tradesy with over $12,000 in sales and NOT one single payout problem. And it is true, there's an escrow period so I don't know why you said it was "a lie".

Escrow is as safe as you can get as both buyers/sellers will be protected. Sounds like you requested a payout via bank transfer so it took a lot longer and run around as it's not an "automated process" like PayPal. I've done everything via PayPal transfer and though there's a 2.9% 'safe fee', it goes through without a problem.

Would recommend taking a hit on the fees and using PayPal instead for ALL transactions. Traditional bank wire tranfers or checks take more time and hassles and that kind of clearly shows in this example..........

to Anonymous #987662

Doesn't matter which method you use Tradesy takes a 2.9% cut each time. It is not a "Safe Transfer Fee", it is just another name for a commission.

Tradesy calls it a transfer fee so they can still claim to charge the lowest commission. I have talked to PayPal and they DO NOT charge 2.9%. I have been paid all 3 ways and they always take 2.9%. I just wish they would be honest about the fees.

Doing it this way really tells you what they think the intelligence level of their sellers are.

I also sell on another site where the original commission was only 5% but has since been raised to 10%. If Tradesy was honest they really wouldn't be the lowest commission.


That is so horrible and your husband serving his country they should have to pay u with 30% interest that's what they change good luck an my prays are with you

to Anonymous #981520

Original poster didn't read policies, doesn't understand how "business" (including escrow, transfers, etc.) works, and is clearly over-reacting (a few days' delay is not unusual when one is relying on a number of persons to complete a series of tasks because people are not robots and are not at the sole behest of the OP) so most perceived "lies" are the results of her own ignorance. As with virtually all aspects of life, one person cannot force another person to act.

The CS agent should probably not have stated things he/she could not confirm but then again, CS is also human. Give the process another week or so and THEN see what's happened with the funds. Although she is apparently desperate for the funds, desperation and ignorance on her part do not create an emergency on anyone else's part.

This poster lacks understating, too. 1) Serving one's country is commendable BUT that is totally unrelated to, and has not bearing on, the supposed "lies" about which the OP complained.

2) Credit card companies do charge high rates but the vendor is not charging those rates to the OP, which again is an unrelated issue (note: if the OP's gotten herself in a desperate situation where she is desperate for the funds because she is incurring rates that high with her credit cards, she and/or her husband [not the vendor] have GOTTEN THEMSELVES in the situation [and this would be something the vendor has no duty to resolve]). While it's ok to have sympathy for the OP, this poster does not have to fuel the fire of her ignorance by validating it.

to Anonymous #1093053

Why don't Lick TRADSEY s *** some more as you just did- clearly you work for them as another corporate slave. Or you must be so bitter and lifeless to carry-on as long as you did to belittle this desperate woman...it's funny how many times you mention, "well they're all human"...

don't forget she is human as well.

You on the other hand need to be taught too many things... Btw, I was just investigating on whether I want to sell on that site and happen to come across your response and it was disgusting to be frank

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