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Tradesy's canned statement below is inaccurate they hold all payouts at least 21 days lately and have been over 30 days for no reason...buyers happy with purchase, not returns, not waiting internal inspection. I used to love this site because they were fast pay not anymore.

I have been selling on other sites because of this- that release sellers funds within days or a week. Too bad because Tradesy was awesome at one point. Too bad they can't compete with other sites or go back to the original way of doing business but keeping all the funds for 21 to 30 days pays them at ton of interest on our money.

"Typically, 90% of sellers receive their earnings within 5 days of delivery. Tradesy may hold your earnings from a sale for up to 21 days after your item has been delivered to the buyer to ensure the security of every transaction."

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

I didn't like: How sellers are treated, Inconsistent rules and proceedures.

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Same story!10 days and still waiting for PayPal transfer.Why do they need/want to hold money so long?Shady!


9 days and still no paypal transfer. Tradsey is a scam, do not use their platform.


Tradesy has changed their policy, yet again! Isnt it fun for sellers having policy changes weekly yet never being notified?

Absolutely ridiculous! Their new wording has changed, it now says tradesy may hold your earnings for up to 21 days, for all the stupid lie reasons they said before. There is no "most payments are released within a week" part anymore! So they just get worse ans worse over time, nothing ever gets better!

My last sale I have been waiting 15 days since the item was delivered and they just released my funds, now it will take another 10-15 days for the transfer. My sales right before that one took 11 days, 13 days, 16 days, and again this is just the time it took for them to make the funds available to me! It take another couple weeks for the transfer to hit paypal! Im going on day 14 at this point for a transfer and still waiting!

Know this- it takes a minimum of a month from date of sale to funds in paypal, and usually takes closer to 2 months, add the couple days shipping takes, 21 day hold, and 2 weeks for the transfer, thats roughly 40 days to get your money! This is a disgrace how they screw their sellers! They are making millions off the backs of us sellers and they treat us despicably! Dont even get me started on all their fraud!

Forcing all returns back onto sellers for no reason, allowing buyers to ruin and damage items then send them back to the seller like this while they steal your funds back, this company is on its way to chapter 7 in my opinion, you cannot sustain a business by fraud and screwing your sellers over at every step, without us there is no tradesy! they got greedy and this has turned their site into a black hole of nothing but problems and fraud!


Tradesy still playing the same games. They are dishonest. Everyone should be aware of the not-so-nice tricks and tactics.


I have had this issue too. I’m not even listing new items on Tradesy anymore and using another site which is much faster.

I really feel like this company is in perhaps financial trouble and using the sellers funds held (and all the interest it generates) as revenue.

The security comment is a lie, other selling platforms don’t do this, it’s just a Tradesy problem and their excuse. When they go out of business they can look back at this common theme among sellers that they have done nothing about.


It took 19 days for tradesy to payout my fund then I transferred my fund to paypal but its been 10 days I still haven't received the money to my paypal yet . why so long ? tey don't even accept calls ...I used to get payout as soon as they can track the shipment and transfer funds only take 2-3 days .Now they increased the fees but everything got worst


How long did it take for you to receive your payout?

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