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Tradesy's canned statement below is inaccurate they hold all payouts at least 21 days lately and have been over 30 days for no reason...buyers happy with purchase, not returns, not waiting internal inspection. I used to love this site because they were fast pay not anymore.

I have been selling on other sites because of this- that release sellers funds within days or a week. Too bad because Tradesy was awesome at one point. Too bad they can't compete with other sites or go back to the original way of doing business but keeping all the funds for 21 to 30 days pays them at ton of interest on our money.

"Typically, 90% of sellers receive their earnings within 5 days of delivery. Tradesy may hold your earnings from a sale for up to 21 days after your item has been delivered to the buyer to ensure the security of every transaction."

Product or Service Mentioned: Tradesy Customer Care.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

I didn't like: How sellers are treated, Inconsistent rules and proceedures.

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It is looking like some item 5 weeks on payouts.


so true; it's disgusting. tradesy is arbitrating seller disbursements to fund itself.


Completely agree, I recently sold my first item and it takes them forever to release the funds. I hope I will receive it eventually .

This definitely will be my first and my last sale on this site. Completely ridiculous to hold on to money and collect an interest for so long especially since other sites release the funds much faster.


I'm looking my patience and motivation to sell online because Tradesy is so slow on processing earnings! It take almost 1.5 months before you got your hard earned money.

They are getting 23% Total commission plus you need to wait 1.5 months before they pay you. I am so tired of waiting and waiting for my earnings!

I dont want to put anymore of my new items here. it's so frustrating!!!

to JR #1555016

totally agree........ it shouldn't take almost 2 weeks for a bank transfer once they release your funds.

with paypal your money is in your account within 24 hours and with etsy if you request a transfer by 10 am you have it the next morning, and these 2 do way more transactions than tradesy. last year when they raised your fees, they promised to speed up payments, it's actually gotten much worse.

you get money across the world within hours. used to love the site, not anymore, for their high commissions they're not delivering the service


Having the same bad experience with Tradesy... Its been over 30 days since I sold an item - still no proceeds in my account ...

seems ridiculous.

And I agree this wasn't the case a while back. Quite disappointed with the new process and will likely look to other/prioritize other sites to sell my items henceforth.


I sold and shipped an item in June. I still haven't gotten paid.

It's been almost 60 days.

When I call them they keep telling me it will be in my account today. That's been going on for a week and still haven't seen payment.


Tradesy doesn't pay anymore. It takes months to receive payment even when a buyer is thrilled with the purchase!!!! I'm done selling on there!!

to Anonymous #1539212

I have complained about this to Tradesy for months. It’s not fair that the buyer is able to enjoy their item while the seller is still waiting for their funds. It’s just not logical.

to SH #1629951

I’ve complained multiple times as well. Extremely frustrating when buyers can enjoy their item(s) right away yet the sellers have to wait forever for their funds.


october 2017 tradesy had a huge fee increase, and said one of the improvements was faster payouts, well, this certainly hasn't been the case. Normally it takes about a month to get your funds, even after they release the funds, and you request a transfer to the bank, it takes about 10 days.

In 2018 it doesn't take more than 24/48 hours to transfer. I think they're using seller money as working capital.I'm done selling on tradesy, not worth it


I have also had to wait over a month to get paid. At one time, Tradesy was the best site to sell items on and now, unfortunately, it is the worst site.Can anyone provide any names of other good online stores to sell brand name items. Do not like ebay so hoping some sellers out there can provide some other good places to sell online.

to M K #1544382

therealreal.com, https://us.vestiairecollective.com/

to M K #1558642

Mercari, Vinted, Poshmark


This company is full of crap. I waited for monies to be transferred and did not transfer the full amount!

I was cut short a few dollars.

I’m done. They are unethical and I see the red flags...here today gone tomorrow!


They are close to filing for bankruptcy. Be careful how much you are owed because they will owe you nothing after filing for bankruptcy.

to Cs #1518981

@CN I was thinking the same thing I requested a withdraw on two sales on 6/30 and 7/2 and I am still waiting for payment to my bank. I already waited 21 days from the sale.

My third sale I request withdrawal last Friday which is due to me on 7/19 according to the new payment policy. Note I haven’t been paid for my other sales according to the new policy due date of 7 business days.I called customer service and she act like she was doing me a favor and said she with have my request priority ticketed for payment and I still have to wait another two business days. That’s when my third payout is due. Needless to say I sold an expensive item that I have not confirmed the sale because I haven’t been paid.I also experienced a simpler problem as another seller explained with the buyer using the item an stating it wasn't as listed.

Tradesy ruled against me before notifying me or asking me for proof.I can only hope I get the few hundreds Tradesy owes me then I done with this company.

The customer service agent implied the same when she stated she will created a ticket for me so, “I can be paid first” on quote. First before who the creditors, sellers, loans etc?


It's true. They been taking longer and longer to pay sellers and sellers are also seeing more and more returns going directly to them since the company will find any reason not keep the item even tho they promised to keep all returns.

to NR #1507324

I just sent them an email on the same issue. It takes a week and a half after submitting for a withdrawal.

If any part of the process is quick it should be this.

I've gotten paid by Mecari and Vinted with 2, 3 days max. Tradesy is full of crap!

to NR #1507873

Same here. Just echanged messages with one of theirs via FB messenger due to this issue.

Full of crap! Protecting the sellers?? How??

By holding on to our money for 21 days and then an additional 7 business days just to transfer to your bank account or paypal? RIDICULOUS!!!!

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