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I bought a coach handbag from tradesy. When I received the handbag it was dirty and it was not authentic.

The bag was listed as new with tags which it clearly was not. They told me to send the bag in so they could "authenticate" it. This was a month and a half ago. They have still not issued me a refund or a credit or even returned the bag back to me.

I have called several tiles as well as emailed. They have my purse and my $300 what a scam! I looked them up and I don't even think they are a real company just a few people scamming innocent shoppers out of money running a phony website. ALSO...my friend had her Credit card information stolen from them around the same time and purchases made with it in the CA area where tradesy operates from.

Coincidence?! I think NOT!

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Las Vegas, Nevada, United States #900061

The same thing happened to me! So this is what I have been doing I post the direct link to this site on their own pages so all buyers can see what tradesy is really like! Tradesy of course suspends the account but it takes them a few hours to figure it out and if we all did this they would not be able to keep up

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