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After buying this item from Al closet for my mother I received an email that the seller will not sell me the watch. After many conversation via email I felt comfortable and confident that I will receive the product.

First I was told that a previous buyer rejected the product because of certain questionable things which is easy to be fixed, however I went through and bought the product instead of receiving the product I received an surprising and confused email saying "I change my mind" which is very questionable to me. Now either one or two things happened here. 1.Either the product was misrepresented and the seller post a picture of the large watch and found out that I was knowledgeable that there is a difference between the sizes and pulled the sale.


Or notice that she can relist it for a higher price on this site or eBay. I just think that sellers need to be upfront and honest.

I did reached out to customer service and reported the situation and they told me I would be refunded. Now I'm out of a watch and a nice gift that I promise my mother.

Reason of review: Order processing issue.

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Boo hoo. That didn't make much sense.

When the seller said they wouldn't sell to u, u should have found something else to buy for your mom. This has nothing to do with tradesy.

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