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This business is in the illegal trafficking of counterfeit Louis Vuitton handbags. I purchased a "new with tags" Louis Vuitton GM Turenne from Emily Nguyen for $1475.00 and she sent me a fake bag through the US postal system.

I contacted Paypal and opened a case to get their assistance in getting my money back. They told me I had to obtain an authentication report on the bag. Once I had Authenticate First authenticate the bag (came back fake, had to spend $70.00 for report) I went to Tradesy website and looked at the pictures of the listing again. It was obviously the same bag I sent pictures of and it was obviously fake once I knew what to look for.

A week later after I worked with PayPal to get my money back and not a "site credit" which Tradesy is famous for trying to pull, I noticed Tradesy removed the pictures from the site and removed the listing from the seller's listing of "sold" items. I believe this is an attempt by Tradesy management to subvert any federal agencies that may open up an investigation. That is OK, I took screen shots of the website and any federal agency would be able to subpoena their records. I am going to contact as many agencies as possible and do what ever I can to assist in the prosecution of the criminal who sold me this fake handbag.

She states on Tradesy she owns a nail salon and I went on FB and found her salon and saw the areas where she took pictures of the fake bag she sent me.

I hope the government can seize her salon for using it to traffic in illegal goods. If you are the victim of an illegal trafficker on Tradesy, remember the law is on your side and if you call your credit card company or Paypal they can assist you in getting your money back Be careful!

Reason of review: They sell counterfeit bags.

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It's possible that you did get a fake bag, but for every fake one sold there are probably 10 real ones with Buyers complaining that they are fake in an attempt to defraud and receive a free bag.

Think logically for a second.

So you have a Seller, that is selling a fake bag for $1,500. What are the chances that a buyer will spend $1,500 and not check that the bag is real? 0. Exactly 0.

So you believe that someone spend their time setting up accounts, selling tons of items to receive positive feedback, nurtured their account for a year or two in order to make it believable enough for someone to purchase $1,500 bag from them, just so they can scam someone for $1,500 and get themselves banned from the selling platform, and not receive their disbursement/money. (tradesy waits until the buyer confirms that they received the exact authentic bag before they give the money to the Seller). Highly unlikely scenario. No one has that much time to waste in an attempt to scam $1,500.

Most of the time I've noticed it going the other way - Sellers sell for 10 years on a platform (amazon, ebay, etc.) and have thousands of happy customers over the years, until some *** claims they purchased a fake item from them, either because they have no clue what bag is fake and what is real, or because they wanted to keep the bag for free. Happens all the time! We buy direct from the factory store (not department stores, not Marshalls, not eBay, no whole sellers, no flea markets) and we get complaints of fakes ALL THE TIME!

It's absolutely insane, especially since we know we personally purchased the item the previous day, and packaged and shipped ourselves.

Scottsdale, Arizona, United States #1136535

Tradesy is not illegally trafficking counterfeit items as they did not see the bag you purchased prior to sale, so they don't know if it is a fake just like Amazon's individual seller stores. On your purchase page did you ask to return it within 4 days as per their policy?

if so they sent you an email with a return shipping label to print,they need to see the bag in question and they could have taken your side and reimbursed your PayPal account especially since you had the report. If you did not report this to Tradesy timely you did not adhere to their policy which is very clear on the website. Going to PayPal may resolve your issue since they are supposed to reimburse you for fakes, if they don't file go to your credit card company. If you still haven't gotten a resolution and since they are based in California go to the California Consumer Protection Board, their website is: and file claims for both PayPal and Tradesy and send them screen shots of your claim that may get their attention.

I did not need to do that when I received a fake as they promptly reimbursed me and banned the seller when I sent the bag back with multiple reasons to prove it was a fake no report was required.

But as I have said countless times on this website don't buy high end items on Tradesy especially if the price is too good to be true and you want to run the RISK of receiving a fake. Unfortunately many buyers have 'buyers remorse' after receiving an item so they claim it is a fake to get their money back as opposed to a credit plus Tradesy has been inundated with sellers dealing in fakes and therefore for both these reasons this people have ruined this site for many honest sellers, me included.

to Anonymous #1137921

Great post too many people are blaming Tradesy when they don't follow the policy.


You never even sent the bag back to Tradesy to allow them to give you your money back. Tradesy is a GREAT company and protect everyone that uses their site.

Obviously for them to know whether the item you purchased is authentic or not, you have to send it to them, which you did not!

Instead you chose to use paypal who made you spend the money to prove that, while Tradesy would have protected you and you would not have had to pay to authenticate it, they would have sent the authentication to the same company you did at no expense to you, THEY would have done it. You shouldn't defame a company when you did not even give them a chance to do their job!

to Anonymous Scottsdale, Arizona, United States #1136512

I agree with you 100%.

to Anonymous #1140799

I have sold several thousands in merchandise. I've had about 7 or 8 returns, all totaled.

Almost all were ladies saying their new purse was not the size I listed. Like I don't know how to measure. smh Anyway, it was just feeble attempts to get refunded, rather than get store credit. Also, you'd be surprised at how many ladies think 11 or 12 inches is larger than it is!

Bottom line - I've ALWAYS gotten my money... eventually. Yes you have to wait 4 days after the delivery of the item, then wait for the money to transfer, and if there's a return, it can take up to 2 weeks...but they've always sided with me. VERY different from eBay!

eBay sides with buyers, period.

Tradesy sides with sellers, as long as you didn't hide a huge defect or try to sell a fake. You take the good with the bad.

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