I'm an avid seller of designer purses and Shoes. Over the past 3 months, I've sold 11,000$ worth of purses with them.

Clearly, my items are very high end and deserve the utmost priority, given the amount of money I've made for them. I also sell on many other websites, and have established myself as a reputable reseller for designer goods. Anyway, not only does tradesy lie about the percentage they charge you in commission (itS not just 9%) but they had the nerve to refuse an item and send my item back because of a "scuff" that the buyer found. Please more that this is a brand new with tags item that had no wear when I sent it.

They warned me to take better pics next time and that I will be out my shipping money (with insurance and confirmation the shipping was $40) I asked them to send a picture of the scuff and look at the image they sent. What the heck?? How is this a clear picture?? It's just a reflection off the the metallic purse :S anyway, I asked them to send it back since they obviously DO NOT PROTECT THEIR SELLERS...

and they lied to me about when they sent it back to me.

Blatant lies despite what the tracking says. I plan to take my business elsewhere.

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Boca Raton, Florida, United States #1229540

How is this different from any other venue you sell on? Ebay- Amazon- ect / ect.

The customer is always right and its your word against theirs. Not siding with anyone here buts its part of the business, don't like it start your own website with your rules, As a fellow reseller your going to take the 40.00 loss and Throw away a venue where you made 11k in sales in todays economy? Well that sounds like a really smart business decision.

Take the tax write off and move on. Keep the big picture in perspective, you want a true horror story, I have many this is not


I could not get anyone to talk to me past a guy named patrick who flat out told me the managers Kathy and Meghan will not talk to anyone no matter what I said or what I did they will not talk to me it was not going to happen (his words) Kathy,and Meghan are the bosses and Tracy Dinunzio is the owner.. Good luck hopefully you can get somewhere and help all of us that they have screwed over I wish we could start a class action lawsuit!!

to Ginger-Magrath-101 #1190118

Went back and forth with Kathy, when a thief switched my Louis Vuitton Bag with a fake one, and sent Pictures showing the complete difference between my listing and what was sent to me, and eventually she stopped communicating. Iam now talking to a lawyer and will sue them for all they are worth. There is no way they can facilitate blatant theft online and not be accountable for it!


We need more protection against this company!!!

to Ginger-Magrath-101 #1190113

There has to be some law against what Tradesy is doing. Its a platform for thieves and scammers to steal from sellers and Tradesy Does not care, even when the facts are outright obvious.

Please stay away!

Atlanta, Georgia, United States #945824

The returns department at Tradesy is a nightmare. I have had customer switch out items and Tradesy refuses to look at any evidence I have as proof of the item sent out...they just shopped me back the switch out item and took my money.

You cannot speak to anyone in the returns deprtment nor are any managers available to discuss. I have sold over $95K of designer items with them...this is how I am treated.

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States #826409

This is an update for my experience with Tradesy. Upon finding my review, Tradesy took the necessary steps to reimburse me for the shipping costs.

I find that they are quick to resolve a conflict within their powers. Although I still feel that my item was returned to me without a justified reason, and that the picture they sent to me as evidence of the reason for their return is humorous, I am glad Tradesy will make sure that there were no financial losses from both the buyer and seller's end of a transaction.

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