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I was about to order a watch for my husband! Omg I'm so glad I read the reviews!

I'm taking my business elsewhere! Thanks

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Beware of these people complaining about the website - they are mostly competitors afraid of Tradesy's slow rising success. They will only suspend an account if they find a seller is selling fake or stolen merchandise - unlike some other websites that don't care.

They will also suspend a buyer who tries to lie about the condition of an item and try to get a price discount or a free item - unlike some other websites who let buyers rip off sellers without repercussion. Do not discount this website based on so called complaints. Buy something you love - and do not worry. Tradesy has very responsive customer service that will respond to you personally by email within 24 hours - all USA based staff that are smart and professional.

This is a site for honest buyers and sellers only and they are weeding out the scammers that plague other websites so you will get complaints from them on here too. So if you see something you like - go for it.

Judge for yourself. You will not be sorry.

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