This website is a SCAM! I was on there for a year buying and selling.

I logged into my account and it all my info was gone. All my sales cancelled. The money in my account gone. No email, no explanation, no ethics.

Account suspended. Completely unprofessional. I will never do business with this company again. It is a ripoff.

Thieves. I will be sure to spread the word and do magazine reviews of how horrible of a company you are. Unprofessional. They stole my money and kept their percentage as well.

Grand Theft Larceny. Lawsuits coming.

Product or Service Mentioned: Tradesy Website.

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1) File a police report immediately, because something bad/wrong has occurred and it equates to a theft for you. You don't know who is behind the mystery lockdown and since TRADESY has not properly informed you, it might be anyone......

It is a theft of your money. Report it. The police will find out what happened to your account.

2) if you are owed money and or have a balance left in your account payable by TRADESY, and if you are unable to withdraw it due to account suspension/shutdown, then after 30 days you officially have a legal right to get collection.

You simply file a Small Claims Suit for it in Los Angeles where they are, and you can do this online. It is a brief and casual person-to-person type of lawsuit limited to under $10,000. No lawyers are allowed to represent either side. You simply fill your info in the boxes and briefly state the problem, "I had an account with ___ remaining!

on x date I was blocked from access, as of today I haven't received my payment for x y z items" It will cost about $100 for you to file it online. Trust me it is extremely easy and you will immediately recieve a court date. The court sends a letter to TRADESY letting them know of the lawsuit. Most likely, they will just release funds at that point as most companies do not want the expense and PR of court.

And they actually may no show to court instead, almost daring you to take it seriously. You should. This is exactly what small claims court was designed for. Be honest and simple with the judge.

Bring screenshots or dates to show the balance you have that's yours. You show up and they don't, judge immediately gives you winning judgement which is a legal paper saying you ca. Collect from them via legal means (literally you can ask Sherriff to go down to their office and demand payment or risk legal penalties.) Or they may send an employee represent them In court on that day, which doesn't change your story. You sold stuff and the money is yours.

Whether or not accounts are suspended you still have a right to any balance payout even when bank accounts are closed this is the rule. If you live far away ie very far another in state, you may be able to file the small claims in your local court. Just remember on the complaint form when you give the reason for choosing the location, you pick "it is where the transaction or sale took place".. They DEFINITELY won't fly out to the east coast for under $10K.

Try it. Everyone should try it. It is easy and quick.

They will stop this nonsense if we do. Show less

Lakewood, California, United States #911391

I hate this site. Especially for selling.

Items move at a snails pace. Seriously slow. I get offers for my designer items that are so ridiculously low that it's an insult. I'm open to offers but offering $50.00 for a pair of $600.00 Chanel shoes is a joke.

Since there is no rating system for sellers it leaves it open for scammers. I also sell on eBay so I'm already conditioned to offer great customer service but what good is that if other sellers on Tradesy are ruining it for honest sellers like myself. I keep trying to like this site but as an experienced seller I just can't. When you see your items selling at a reasonable rate, it motivates you to keep adding new items.

I have not added new items on their site in over 2 months. I will be removing my current listings and calling it a wrap.

Sorry Tradesy.


same happened to me, which is why i have a lawyer working on this case. no one should be able to run their business like this.

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States #898814

The same thing happened to me! They stole $679 from my account!

I hope someone sues them they are a horrible company (which I don't even think they are a real company) they are not accredited by the BBB) I think it is a few people running a scam anyone can run a website. #tradesyscam

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