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Well I swear by Tradesy. I have ordered a lot of designer items.

I get prompt service and delivery. Each individual that does business with Tradesy should read policies and procedures. I am very well aware of policies and appreciate the fact that Tradesy gives me a few days to decide if what i ordered is something I really want. You do get a few jokers that try to pass off knock off items for designer.

The buying individual must know their designer.

Each seller must let the buyer know if the buyer know if they are selling a real article or not. Sad to say everybody isn't honest.

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I swore by Tradesy for a long time - garnered over $20,000 in sales and all of a sudden they shut down my account claiming I sold replica items. I disputed their "claim" and offered to send them ANY and ALL the documentation they need but they refuse.

Now it would be different if I cannot back my authentic items with documentation but I was well prepared to do it but for some strange reason, they just said "sorry we can't reinstate your account", no reason given with their 'claim', nothing, no opportunity to refute their claim, just nothing go away. Hmmm.

I'm starting to wonder if it was a competition issue with their own Penny Lane store that they have to eliminate potential sellers to stir traffic to their own "resale store". I'm completely disappointed in their unprofessional treatment of their sellers who made good money for them.


I believe many people have the same experience you have had or Tradesy would not still be in business. I have been with Tradesy since the beginning and have 20-30 + sales a month, many from the same people.

I treat each customer as I would like to be treated. I wrap everything like a gift in colorful tissue and include a thank you note. Unfortunately as Tradesy continues to grow they are not taking care of their sellers, and without quality sellers what kind of site is it going to turn into?

Also there are now MANY dishonest buyers and sellers who have really tarnished the site's reputation and have scared honest buyers and sellers away. Tradesy is either oblivious to what is happening or just doesn't care.

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