Do not buy wedding decorations from tradesy especially from Sara's bridal boutique, bling princess brides or Kelly these users all have items they buy directly from dollartree, quickcandles.com, gangdwebstore, afloral.com, and save on crafts. I ordered several items from each and they were drop shipped with the packing slip even inside!

I contacted tradesy as I felt this was misrepresentation and they did not respond back for days I emailed several more times and finally got a copy and pasted response I decided to call as I felt I was scammed by these buyers but tradesy said the prices were up to the buyer so they are obviously supportive of this ripoff just to get their lousy 9% commission. Total scam! Buy directly from the sites above if you don't want to be ripped off.

Also I ordered a disobey bag that said new with tags and it came in the mail and had a ripped lining and broken zipper and tradesy rufused to return my item. DONT BUY HERE!!

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Delhi, Delhi, India #972508

Also, check this http://aknottyaffair.com/what-to-wear-and-what-not-to-wear-for-your-rehearsal-dinner/

Dallas, Texas, United States #900103

The bridal shops above do indeed order from the sites mentioned! I purchased some mercury votives and sure enough they came directly from afloral. I am glad they have been shut down now so no more brides will be taken advantage of.


I do not get my items from any of the places she is referring too. I'm a fully licensed business who purchases from companies that require a RESALE TAX ID to purchase.

But I assume you are the person who is harassing sellers and making fake complaints. I have never shipped a thing to Kansas either so you LIED about purchasing from me.

But I appreciate you complains so many times to Tradesy that they just removed me as a seller and there went my grocery money, gas money and my daughter's ballet lessons. Get a LIFE!

Las Vegas, Nevada, United States #897477

I disagree with the last comment the title of tradesy was recycled bride the listings are supposed to be for brides selling their unneeded wedding decorations not for scheming individuals who find things online buy them and resell them. The fact that tradesy allows this on their site is quite appalling.

If someone wants to buy things from one of the sites mentioned above and mark it up to resell as a "business" do it on your own site instead of taking advantage of innocent brides.

These people should be kicked off tradesy. I WILL BE SHOPPING ELSEWHERE after researching tradesy is not a good deal at all

Miami, Florida, United States #897300

I've had nothing but good experienced from my purchases. It's a risk any time you buy in the internet.

And if someone buys from other places and resales it at a higher price that is only a business. If people want to get out and find the stuff themselves then go to dollar store yourself.

Fort Worth, Texas, United States #896042

The same thing happened to me I bought some centerpieces gold mercury votives from Sarah's bridal they came from afloral even the picture was taken from their site I feel totally ripped off. I asked the buyer for a refund and she replied back "too bad you weren't smart enough to find them there in the first place!" I can't believe this site allows sellers like this to stay on their site! Says a lot about their ethics

to Anonymous #949122

Dear "anonymous". Since I was Sara's Bridal (thanks for spelling it incorrectly) and I never once resold anything from AFloral.com I know you are YET AGAIN Lying.

And Tradesy is no long "Recycled Bride" they are now an EBAY rival marketplace that welcomes businesses. So hop in your time machine back to 2012 when they were a used bridal site and buy your items from there. Thankfully I don't miss Tradesy. I have found many brides that welcome purchasing my items on other websites brand new for less than retailers, and if you have been on any of these "used bridal" websites you can clearly see brides selling items used for more than I was selling them for.

Tradesy also take 13% of our sales so prices had to have those fees and shipping included. I never had anyone complain about my votives or how I spoke to them, I was always very kind.

You must be thinking of Mother of the Bride who has lots of complaints across several websites for speaking harshly to customers. So please kindly quit spreading false information about me on the internet.

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