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I sold two bags on Tradesy and payment for these bags became available a few days after they were delivered. I decided not to withdraw them just yet until I reach a certain amount.

Two weeks later, I found that my account was suspended. When I emailed Tradesy, Brandon from Team Tradesy told me that my account was linked to another account that was previously suspended.

He did not address my question as to why they were keeping my money when they made it available two weeks ago with no complaints or requests for returns whatsoever. I have been messaging Tradesy everyday but all I am getting are their auto email responses.

Reviewer is in unhappy mood. stacy_82 stated that there is a room for improvement of illegal business practices. Please immediately contact the author of this review to discuss poor customer service of bag and associated monetary loss in the amount of $400. Tradesy needs to "release my funds!!!" according to poster's claims.

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Typical. It is so difficult if not impossible to get good or even adequate customer service.

I am so very tired of their "canned" paragraphs in every reply I receive. Most often my question is not answered. When I ask to speak to a "supervisor" my request is ignored or the answer is relayed through the customer service rep. One rep did not trust the validity of the answer the "supervisor" gave her !!

Look at the picture of the staff on-line, clearly very young and there are certainly not enough of them to service the volume, they report 500,000 visitor a month. Keep in mind, that many of those pictured are the programers. Considering the company, not the Recycled Bride portion, was founded, according to THEIR Facebook page in August 2012(Here is the link: but didn't go "Live" until October 2012, how much experience with Tradesy can these young people have? No offense to them but the longest anyone can possibly have is not even 3 years and we are supposed to believe they are qualified to authenticate merchandise.

Additionally, there seems to be a high turnover rate as it is next to impossible to get the same rep twice.

And Tracy is nowhere to be found, except with potential investors. I have asked for her email or a fax number but they will not divulge.

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