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do you know how Tradesy Authenticates there items ! they use a company called Authenticatefirst.com

the are suppose to be experts on authenticating items and clearly they are not, they have made numerous mistakes on items stating that bags that are authentic are Actually Fake !


check it out

my pieces that i have physically purchased years ago at boutique 20 years ago they are stating its not AUTHENTIC - your team of people

have no idea how to work things

get ready for a big law suit Tradesy


Reviewer is in unhappy mood. This person stated that there is a room for improvement of fakes. Please immediately contact the author of this review to discuss other product. Tradesy needs to read this review and look into the issue (if any) according to poster's claims.

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Authenticate First also "authenticated" a pre-owned Prada I purchased for over $1000 stating it was real when I knew it was counterfeit. I needed official paperwork to process a claim with my bank.

After sending numerous emails and photos, they finally agreed that it was a counterfeit handbag.


When I told them the item was purchased through FashionPhile.com, they retracted everything and stated it was a "conflict of interest" to send over a new letter stating the item was counterfeit.

Isn't their business objective to call out merchants who scam consumers with counterfeit items?

Authenticate First is a scammer just like the rest of them!



Anyone who believe this is as *** as the person who wrote it. They can't even spell correctly.

I'm sure you're one of those people who post on Facebook that say if you don't repost this then your true love will die. You will believe anything!


You're just mad because you got caught trying to push off your dozens of fake LV scarves.


I had the same experience 3 times. I think it's mainly from Authenticate first. All the of the 3 items are authenticated by this company


I agree class action lawsuit!!!! Let's do it we don't have to be in the same state!!! Lets find a lawyer.

to Ginger-Magrath-101 Orangeville, Ontario, Canada #1298568

So I bought a Prada from saks fifth avenue myself, I have the receipt and credit card statement, the bag is over $3199. I sell it on eBay, they buyer gets it authenticated by this scam website called authenticatefirst and guess what they send a letter it's fake and saks has sold me a fake Prada!!!!


I've issued her a refund cuz I know my bag is authentic, I'm not a business or a professional seller but it's soooooo humiliating! I know for a fact saks fifth avenue does NOT sell fake stuff!

This company is such rubbish, the authentication certificate is a joke too!!!!

I honestly want to contact them through a lawyer and take them to court. This isn't funny!

to Sarah #1362554

If you have the receipt and cc statement why didn't you provide this to the buyer?


Hi. I wish there was a way for us to connect.

I was just scammed by Tradesy and AuthenticateFirst. I would definitely join you in the lawsuit! Maybe we could get a class action attorney to go for it. How can we connect?

Please reply to this comment. All my friends and neighbors tell me I should do something about what they've done to me. The Designers' Stores laugh at all these sites offering authentication. NONE OF THEM ARE QUALIFIED.



to Anonymous #1108094

If you are sold a fake, call your credit card company. You do not have to pay for it, you do not have to send it back (it is illegal to send counterfeit products in the mail in the US).

I had a company send me a fake LV bag and wallet.

I called Pay Pal and they took the charge off my account, told me to destroy the bag. I wrote email to website where I purchased the bag and told them I was not paying for the bag, nor was I sending back and I have not heard from them in over a year.

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