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Is Tradsey a lender or a crook? Just like the title says.

WHY is it that they take your cash so quick ! and WHY does it take so long to give you what your owed?

I mean to say that's already after THEY determined they OWE YOU AND ONLY THEN it takes at least 3 business days after they determine they owe you! What are they a lender/crook? They already take 13%

What gives??? Really- WHAT GIVES? BE aware that they hide the fact that they have ways to prolong the way they pay you.

( I have given them the benefit of the doubt several times and still await over 1,000 $ for a week. And yes I have exchanged several emails ect.)

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

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I truly am sorry for your experience but I just want to say to other potential sellers who may read this that I have never encountered a payment problem. I have had over 600 sales in the last 2 years and without exception, per their written policy, they have put into my account the money I am owed 4 days after the customer has received the item which again is per their written policy.

At that time I am able to transfer the funds either by PayPal or ACH to my bank account or add it to a debit card which can take 1-2 days. I sell only new items, most within the $125 to $600.00 range. I do not sell very high end items on this site, so I don't know if the payout takes longer for those. They take a 9% commission and a 2.9% fee to transfer the money for a total of 11.9%.

I have had a few items that were purchased with a fraudulent/stolen credit card and/or phony mailing addresses.Tradesy caught all but one and the one they didn't catch I was not penalized for & received what I was owed. I was initially upset at their fees but I have come to terms with them based on what they have done to protect my sales. If I had been handling my on-line sales I would not have found these issues as quickly. And after researching these fees I found that credit card companies charge vendors between 2.3-3.5% to handle their point of sale transactions plus you have to buy a machine to run the card through also PayPal's website they say they charge 2.9%.

So basically the 2.9% seems fair and the 9% commission is the lowest I have found. Tradesy is FAR from perfect.

My big gripe is that whenever I have to interact with their customer service department via phone or email, 97% of the time it is a miserable experience; I have found them rude and misinformed. Again I am sorry for your very bad experience and I hope it is shortly resolved and you get the money owed you.

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