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I ordered 3 items from Tradesy which I was pleased with two of them. The problem is that one of the bags was clearly fake and came with no authentication label unlike the other two items.

When I opened the package, the frayings on each side of the handles, the cheaply used material, and the extremely poor craftsmanship were oh so obvious. I immediately returned the bag to Tradesy due to msirepresentation and was told in a response a few days later that the bag was inspected by their Brands Team, is an authentic Gucci bag, and I can choose to have the bag shipped back to me or opt for a site credit. As an owner of real Gucci bags I replied back to Tradesy for first attempting to undermine my knowledge of what an authentic Gucci bag looks as this bag was clearly fake. Again they replied that another team inspected the bag (The Authentication Team) and the bag is real but that many designers are using mass production where little attention is being paid to details.

Well in all my years of experience with high end products never have I come across such. I clearly stated that Tradesy should inform their buyers of this information on their website. The buyers should be made aware of the fact that the so called authentic item(s) they are purchasing may appear as a replica or may appear flawed and of poor craftsmanship due to mass production. Tradesy seem to promote the sale of counterfeit items and refuse to offer their customers a refund but instead a site credit.

Why should anyone be forced to accept a site credit when you are clearly not pleased with your purchase(especially if it is unauthentic). Also why would you want a site credit when there is a possibility of you being faced with the same problem again. This site has poor customer service. Their responses to your concerns are generic.

They refer you to the same Team which continue to reply with the same message with no resolution. I will never purchase anything else from this site as I believe they are truly untrustworthy and they seem to be scamming their customers.

Product or Service Mentioned: Gucci Handbag.

Reason of review: Not as described.

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How can they justify calling it real without the authentication label? As you have painfully learned Tradesy has NO professional authenticators and these individuals 99.5% of the time rule in favor of the seller so that Tradesy can keep the earnings on the sale.

Hopefully you paid with a credit card like AMEX that protects you against fraudulent purchases;contact them to withhold payment on this purchase asap.

Also go to: and file a report against Tradesy, this will be a State complaint, likewise you can do one for their county which is Los Angeles: I am going to file complaints as well but for an entirely different reason. My hope is that if they get enough complaints someone will take an interest. I had 2 very successful years on Tradesy but now there are so many dishonest sellers and buyers Tradesy's reputation is being ruined so people are staying away and my business has dramatically dropped. I stopped selling high-end items over a year ago when I learned that some buyers swap a fake bag for the authentic one that was sent and return that to Tradesy claiming they purchased a fake.

Fortunately I have had no returns, probably because everything I sell is brand new and no longer designer. I have been advising buyers NOT to purchase a high-end item on Tradesy because in essence you are gambling. I googled twopugsnme and found her on PoshMark: She shows an email address on that page which maybe necessary to give to your credit card company when you ask for a refund from Tradesy as that is who you paid.

I wouldn't email her directly as that may cause Tradesy to ban you before this issue is resolved. Good Luck and let us know what happens.

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