I sold an authentic Chanel bag on tradesy. It was authenticated by my poupette.

I am a reputable seller on ebay. The buyer returned it accusing it being fake. Tradesy has had i for 3 days. Today I found out my account was suspended without any notice.

Tradesy is having my bag and the $5600 sale!!!! They are stealing from me. BE WARE!!!!!! They are very unprofessional.

When I first opened my account, it got suspended because they had to verify my account. Fine but now they are holding it against me, saying I have negative history with them. What? you suspended my account because you needed to verify it first.

Why holding it against me?

I wouldn't recommend selling anything of high value with them because they might not be able to authenticate your item.

Once they deem it's fake, they will just suspend your account without notice. Some posters on here experienced that.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

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I sold a chanel skirt on tradesy that I bought from the boutique for over $2200, buyer returned it because of fit, tradesy claimed it was fake and forced it back on me and it arrived damaged with a huge rip in the seam where the buyer forced the zipper, tradesy went into my personal checking account, stole the funds back from me without ever asking me or even telling me! Total fraud!

Buyer gpt a refund and I got stuck witj a newly ruined skirt I cant resell. Their authentication team is a joke and so is authenticate first, the horrible company they use!

Glendale, Arizona, United States #1263905



Immoral, unscrupulous people exist, especially on the World Wide Web! Crooks post pics of serial #'s, authenticity cards, anything to LOOK legit, right?

WRONG! These are just pirated photos from a different bag! It happened to me on eBay. I bought a Dior 'Trotter' bag.

The pics shown of the authenticity tag did not match the purse I received. They're hoping you don't look closely!

Some people don't. If they're discovered, they simply reboot with a new name and a different email address.


Tradsey is terrible. They authenticate incorrectly and I experienced it firsthand.

Additionally, if you send a sold item on Tradsey to a buyer, BEWARE, the buyer can return the item for any reason and BEWARE, you may not get the same item back that was sent. In other words BEWARE. Are you willing to let your merchandise leave your hands with NO guarantee of what you might get back?



Hi, this happened to me.I sold over 30 handbags, not one complain then I received Email from Tradesy, a buyer want refund claim the bag is replica.I only sell authentic merchandise never sell replica.I checked on my account, found our it's suspended.I still have $1200 balance on my account.My question is did you received all payment once your account suspended?.

Thank you

to Anonymous #1000535

My bag was proven authentic. Thank goodness i saved receipt.

They released my earning. I hope everything worked out for you.

Sorry i took so long to respond. I just saw this.

to Anonymous #1351409

How long did it take to authenticate the bag. This is just happening to me


Yes I believe that happened to you . The staff at Tradesy is extremely unknowledgeable and they do not know Authentic Chanel from Counterfeit . Lots of Counterfeit Chanel bags and accessories being sold on that site and they don't do anything about it .

Dearborn, Michigan, United States #967275

I am a seller on Tradesy and have always had no issues, I sell only high end designer handbags so something in this story is not being said. Great company to sell on or buy from is Tradesy

to cc #1515422

I am selling only high end handbag and jewelry on Tradesy. It never happened to me, but I am scared that somebody out there (buyers) switching authentic bag to fake and return it. Since Tradesy seems like to No Sellers Protection.

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